Annual Irrigation Maintenance

Most irrigation systems will need to have their settings reviewed and adjusted throughout the year. Rainmaker has solutions to help you ensure that your irrigation system is operating at 100% efficiency throughout the year. Rainmaker offers programs of different levels, which allow you to choose how often you would like to have a Rainmaker team member visit your property. The Rainmaker team member will go through the system to check for any issues, make repairs when needed, and make sure the controller is set up to the correct times for the year.

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Rainmaker offers 2 levels of maintenance:

  • Single: Spring Start up / Fall winterization (includes blowing lines out)
  • Double: Spring Start up / Fall winterization (includes blowing lines out) and a visit in July
Plan9 Zones or Less10-15 Zones16-21 Zones22+ Zones
Single$155$170$275Call For Pricing
Double$245$270$375Call For Pricing